The system provides the detection of radio-sources, reception, recording and decoding of communication sessions, being transmitted via microwave links over А-bis, G.732, ATM protocols, with possibility of further listening/viewing of content and service information.

System provides:

  • automated spatial and frequency detection of radio-emission sources;
  • direction- and location-finding of detected radio-emission sources with their indication on the map;
  • indication of system’s location on the map together with location of microwave transmitters and possible directions of detected microwave links;
  • detection of technical parameters of signals in the air – carrier frequency, modulation type, rate, type of polarization;
  • demodulation of signals;
  • detection of parameters of error correction coding and multiplexing of demodulated bit-stream, demultiplexing of bit-stream (to E1 level);
  • processing of demodulated bit-stream – decoding, descrambling and decompression;
  • detection of parameters of А-bis, G.732, ATM streams;
  • automated detection of control and traffic channels in А-bis streams with possibility of their correlation to channels of BTS transmitters (TEI);
  • extraction and recording of service information about communication sessions;
  • extraction of content of communication sessions;
  • filling of the database of intercepted communication sessions;
  • access to intercepted information with possibility of complex searching/filtering.

Software-Hardware System for Monitoring of WiFi Networks

System includes two modules:

Radio-intelligence module detects the access points in the range of operation of the system, discovers the power levels, encryption types, MAC-addresses, network names, quantity of connected clients and their MAC-addresses. Also it allows to open the WEP encryption in real time. For encryption breakage the patented technology is used – Patent № 82019 dated 10.07.2013.

Interception module can work in passive (connection to WiFi network as a client) or passive mode.

Active mode features:

  • Real-time traffic analysis
  • Fast protocols procession. Real-time data analysis
  • Storage of the intercepted information to database with possibility of offline analysis
  • WEB traffic monitoring
  • FTP traffic monitoring
  • E-mail traffic monitoring
  • Chat traffic monitoring (instant messages and social networks)
  • Intercepted data filtering
  • Storage and viewing of intercepted data

Passive mode features: the same as active mode, plus

  • Interception and recording of all data from chosen channel
  • Possibility to intercept ALL the traffic from all available channels (several adapters will be needed, one adapter per 1 channel )
  • ALL working on the same channel access points will be intercepted

When password is known additionally is possible to:

  • Decrypt and restore all the communication sessions.
  • Interception of traffic from selected access point, online sessions restoration and recording into the separate record.