Tactical-purpose portable systems for high-performance/multi-channel interception of communications. Such solutions, including the off-the-air and wire-connecting systems provide the fast reaction time for the time-critical operations (counter-terror, kidnapping, etc.) as well as can be used for covered operations due to passive technique of interception and virtually non-detectable nature.Universal high-performance systems for monitoring of telecommunication signals.

These systems provide the users with modern technical means of intelligence/investigations and can be developed/extended to nation-wide level. The abilities of interception of data from all existing types of networks (PSTN, GSM, CDMA, High-speed Data Networks, ISPs etc.) provides the solution of wide variety of tasks appearing before security and legal enforcement agencies nowadays.

Modern data acquisition and processing technologies. Integration into our products of up-to-date data procession technologies such as speech recognition, sophisticated link analysis, data mining etc. drastically increases the rate of useful information, received from our interception system and at the same time reduces the efforts to get it.

Special purpose vehicles are developed and being manufactured by our company to meet customer’s requirements in in-field usage of our monitoring equipment during special operations and/or in emergency situations. The design of such vehicles corresponds to expected climate and other environmental conditions as well as the requirements to power supply, camouflage, autonomy, etc.