Strategic solutions

Universal high-performance systems for monitoring of telecommunication signals. These systems provide the users with modern technical means of intelligence/investigations and can be developed/extended to nation-wide level. The abilities of interception of data from all existing types of networks (PSTN, GSM, CDMA, High-speed Data Networks, ISPs etc.) provides the solution of wide variety of tasks appearing before security and legal enforcement agencies nowadays.

Active GSM Cell-ID Tracking

The SS7Tracker, an active, nonintrusive, GSM Cell-ID-based solution to network-based location tracking. We demonstrate the usability of the solution on practical tests carried out in a live GSM network. See more.

TerraLIS (Universal Legal Interception System)

The TerraLIS Legal Interception System is intended for interception and procession of communication sessions from telephony and data transmission sub-networks by authorized law enforcement agencies. It provides the possibility of interception both from traditional channel switched telephone networks and new generation multi-service networks (NGN). See more.

TerraNET (Internet Traffic Monitoring System)

TerraNET 10G provides the monitoring of high-speed data transmission channels with rates up to 10 Gbps, selection, filtering and recording of the of Internet traffic. TerraNET 10G is the universal solution for interception of multi-protocol traffic (e-mail, http, voice, video, MSN, Skype etc.). See more.

TerraLine (Trunk-based communications monitoring system)

The “TerraLine” Global Monitoring System (hereinafter as “System”) is designed for automatically input, record and process communication sessions from digital trunks with different kind of signaling such as ITU #5, R1, R1.5, R2, DTMF, R2D, ISDN, EDSS1, SS#7 and A or A-ter interfaces. The System provides classification of sessions according to signal forms (voice, fax or data) and their storage during predetermined time together with the session-related information (date, time, duration, calling and called telephone number, TMSI, IMSI, IMEI, cell’s number etc.). Also System provides an ability to determine a location of the selected/targeted mobile subscriber while the session is in progress. See more.

GEOS (High Performance 10/40/100 GB DPI Platform)

GEOS devices are intended for acquisition or filtering of information from respective fiber optic interfaces. It can be used as input device being the part of data networks monitoring systems or as a high-performance unwanted traffic filtering device. GEOS3 and GEOS4 are 10GB and 40/100Gb variations of the system. See more.