Special Purpose Vehicles

Purpose of vehicle

The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with additional equipment for installation of Communications Monitoring Systems in design U, category I, according to GOST 15150-69 is intended for installation, transportation and provision of working condition of Special purpose equipment. The environment conditions according to GOST 15150-69 – within temeperature range from minus 40°С to plus 40°С.

Main Technical Characteristics

Basic vehicle for conversion to SPV:

  • Cargo van «Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 324/424/524»;
  • Cargo van «Volkswagen Crafter Kasten 35/50».

Additional equipment installed:

  • Electric power supply system;
  • Illumination system;
  • Heating system;
  • Ventilation system;
  • Air conditioning system;
  • Fire-fighting system;
  • Video-surveillance system;
  • GPS navigation system;
  • Antenna system;
  • Generic systems control system;
  • Operator’s workspace.

The operational temperature range for electronic equipment inside of operator’s compartment is +20°С…+25°С.

Specific Features of SPV

Operative, covered delivery of equipment and staff to the place of performance of special operations and provision of execution of special operations at any weather conditions:

  • Outside temperature range -40°С…+50°С;
  • Maximum climbing capacity 22%;
  • Power reserve – not less then 600 km at one tank filling;
  • Crew 2…4 persons;
  • Duration of continuous operation of electronic equipment at one tank filling – not less then 48 hours;
  • Electronic equipment is installed in hermetic humidity- and vibration-resistant cases.

The additional features of SPV do not make any changes to original performance of basic vehicle (all the recommendations of vehicle’s vendor are considered).

Quadruple reservation of electric power supply ~220 V with presence of bypass lines allows to provide the high-quality (regular sinusoid), long-duration continuous operation of equipment from different sources of power (or their combination):

  • External power supply ~220 v, 3000 VA;
  • Buffer batteries 800 Ah, ±12 V;
  • Autonomic автономный electric generator 6000 VA, ~220 V;
  • Generator of basic vehicle 200 A, ±12 V;

With charging device of buffer batteries, two converters ±12 V to ~220V and informational
control network of power supply system.

brochure_spv_controlpanelsControl panels and electric sockets.

brochure_spv_powersupplyElectric power supply system elements in technical compartment of the vehicle.

brochure_spv_ventilationTechnical compartment ventilation

brochure_spv_workplaceOperator’s Workspace

Operator’s workspace includes working table, screens, local and general illumination sources, electric sockets, GSM and GPS antenna cables. The foldable shelf is intended for storage of removable covers of equipment protective cases. Near the operator’s working space the clothing shelves and racks are available.