Digital Network Monitoring Processor

TerraDCME – DCME Networks Monitoring Processor
TerraDATA – Data Transmission Networks Monitoring Processor
TerraMUX – Multiplex Signals Monitoring Processor
TerraGSM – GSM Networks Monitoring Processor
TerraDVB – DVB Networks Monitoring Processor
TerraVSAT – VSAT Networks Monitoring Processor
TerraSTUDIO – Information Processing Studio

  • Processing of 4 E1 digital signals or a data transmission (60 Mbit/sec) in real time;
  • Processing of each signal in the independent route and the possibility of work with files;
  • Launching and adjustment by pressing “START” bottom ;
  • Automatic analysis of a digital signal, determination of its type and parameters;
  • Retention of digital signal fragment in the form of files with the size specified;
  • Automatic determination of transmission type in channels, extraction and recording of communication sessions;
  • Control of state dynamics and channels interception in real time;
  • Duplex signals processing, missed and out-of-order structures upon user’s templates;
  • Sorting out of sessions by energy, transmission type, and telephone signalization;
  • Determination of compliance of channels, subscribers’ numbers and countries of their belonging for SS # 7;
  • Determination of telephone numbers, network addresses etc., filtering and selection of sessions;
  • Extraction of documents and e-mail messages;
  • Organization of hierarchic database for storage of messages including the possibility of fast-access retrieval and filtering;
  • Wiretapping and viewing of messages in presentation correspondent to theirs type;
  • Forming and analysis of statistics data upon sessions;
  • Compliance with network architecture and smooth rearrangement of computing load;
  • Support of a high variety of equipments and possibility of conjugation with other hardware and software;
  • Quick implementation of new types of signals and protocols handlers.


Signals types G. 732 (+IDR), G. 733a, b (+IDR), IBS; PCM ITU-T G.711, ADPCM ITU-T G.726, TC-2000 (ADPCM OKI); DTX-240 (D, E, F, T), DTX-360, DTX-600, DTX-3000, DTX-7000, IESS501, CELTIC-3G, PCME
Multiplexors  Static, dynamic (IBA), cascading DSC, Nuera, Alcatel and others
Telephone signalization  SS #5, SS #7, DSS-1, R1, R2
Protocols (channel. network, transport)  Ethernet (IEEE 802.2/802.3), ATM, FR, Brigdet FR, FRF.3.2 Multiprotocol Encapsulation, FRF.12 Fragmentation, FRF.9-LZS Compression, FRF.11 VoFR, Cisco 0x1999/98 Compressed IPFHC, Q.922 Control, Q.922 Control+pad, SNAP Ethertype, SNAP IEEE 802.1, PPP (Van Jacobson {0x002D, x002F}, Multi-Link {0x003D}, compressed datagram LZS {Microsoft PPC, Predictor, Deflate} {0x00FD}, RTP IPHC {0x2065, 0x2067, 0x2069}, BCP Ethernet), Router, banyan Vines, LMI, CDP, LCP, IPv4, ICMP, IPIP, TCP, UDP, GRE, transport 0xFE, LAPB, X.25, X.75, ISO 8437, ISO TSAP, Novel stac, X.224, T.70, T.62, T.60, XTP, TP66
Protocols (applied)  RTP, RTCP, VGCP, DSS1, FTP, HTTP, IMAP4, Lotus Note, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, X.400, MSN, AOL, UUCP, IMAP4, SMB, MMS, SMS, IRC, NETBIOS
DVB MPE, DirectWay
GSM A, Abis
Types of transmission  Sound, analog and digital facsimile, PD documents (sound, graphics, text, video, archive), electronic mail messages and SMS
Communication sessions selection By information type; By telephone numbers; By protocols; By network addresses IP, TCP, UDP; By priority; By size of sessions extracted
Audio codecs ITP-T G.711 (PCM-A and PCM-μ, 64 Kbit/s), G.722 (48; 56; 64 Kbit/s), G.722.1 (24; 32 Kbit/s), G.723.1 (5,3; 6,3 Kbit/s). G.726 (16; 24; 32; 40 Kbit/s). G.727 (16; 24; 32; 40 Kbit/sec). G. 728 (9,6; 12,8; 16 Kbit/s), G.729 (8 Kbit/s), G.729 AnnexD (6,4 Kbit/s), G.729 Annex E (11,8 Kbit/s), ADPCM OKI (32 Kbit/s), OADPCM (32 Kbit/s), GSM HR, FR, EFR