Company profile

Crypton-M, Ltd. was founded in 1998 as a company for provision design, development, installation and implemention of multifunctional systems for telecommunication monitoring and interseption. In our solutions we use up-to-date information technologies, special computer techniques on the basis of DSP and FPGA, modern communication, software and information environments. Crypton-M supplies state-of-art monitoring solutions to govermental authorities either as complete turn-key systems or as subsystems, which can be integrated into already exiting operational enviropment together with wide variety of peripherals and additional equipment.

Crypton-M Ltd major businnes areas:

Development and manufacturing and integration of universal high-performance swith-based systems for monitoting of tltcommunication signals. These systems provide the users with modern technical means of intelligence/investigations of data from all exiting types of networks (PSTN, GSM, CDMA, High-speed Data Networks, ISPs etc.) provides the solution of wide variety of tasks appearing before security and legal enforcement agencies nowadays.

Development, manufacturing of Tactical-purpose portable systems for high-performance/multi-channel interception of communications. Such solutions, including the of-the-air and wire-connecting systems provide the fast reaction time for time-critical operations (counter-terror, kidnapping, etc.) as well as can be used for covered operations due to passive technique of intepception and virtually non-detectable nature.

Development, integration and costumization of modern data acquisition and processing technologies. Integration into our products of up-to-date data prosession technologies such as speech recognition, sophisicated link anaysis, data mining etc. drastically increases the rate of useful information, recieved from our interception system and at the same time reduces the efforts to get it.